Guard’s Whistle - Dark Valley

Guard’s Whistle

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Tasmania was a barren place for those facing transportation. Once incarcerated, the thoughts of many prisoners turned immediately to escape. The penitentiary at Port Arthur, nigh impregnable, was the first hurdle in a convict’s plan to flee, with other hurdles such as sharks, hounds and rifle fire all irrelevant if the guard’s whistle sounded. A whisky that puts you in the moment, and demands all your concentration.

Product information

Spirit Source

Adams Distillery

Cask Type

Pinot Noir





Indicative Tasting Notes

Red wine tannin, chocolate orange and clotted cream, and a complex variety of spice draw aromas. There is a hint of hickory and red wine jus for a slight savoury, palate-coating succulence.

Release Number 18